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    FeedbackRocket’s award-winning online solution has completely reinvented many of the traditional HR tools, including the Climate / Employee Engagement Survey and 360 Degree Reviews.

    360 Degree Manager Reviews

    FeedbackRocket makes use of anonymous interactive chat functionality to enable important workplace conversations that wouldn’t happen face-to-face. Managers are able to follow up on any anonymous comment or rating by means of an online private chat conversation with the employee concerned (who remains anonymous throughout). Our pioneering approach to the analysis of HR data means you get all the insights you need to take your management team to the next level.

    Climate Survey / Employee Engagement Survey

    FeedbackRocket has developed an award-winning CLIMATE SURVEY solution which gives you incredible insights into the problems your employees are experiencing … and what you should do about it!

    We create an incredibly insightful picture of the problem hot-spots being experienced by the employees within the organization. We map the main problem areas against employee’s engagement levels, their propensity to leave, demographic variables, and our intuitive segmentation model. We identify with pin-point accuracy exactly where the business needs to focus its efforts in order to have the maximum impact on employee engagement and retention.

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